When I began Coach House Shortbread Company in 1986 I made a commitment
to artisanal methods; determined as I was to maintain the
highest possible quality at every stage of the journey from raw ingredients to finished product.
25 years later, I have grown somewhat and I with my
dedicated staff continue this commitment to quality. 

I stand proudly behind my product, if you if you have any questions or concerns
before or after purchasing them, I will be pleased to address them personally.

Carl Stryg ~ Proprietor & Baker

“…crisp on the outside with a meltingly tender heart.”
Cynthia David, Food & Drink Magazine
food & drink Magazine

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"the best shortbread I’ve ever had in my life (sorry, mom)" - Vicky Sanderson, Toronto Star Columnist

“...a strong contender for title of Canada's Shortbread King
Nathalie Atkinson, National Post, Dec. 2010.

“...the butteriest shortbread cookies known to mankind.”
Malcolm Jolley, Good Food Revolution, Sept. 2010


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