Coach House Shortbread is a company that was built from love and persistence. Made by hand in small batches in our little bakery in Toronto, Coach House shortbread began in 1986 as the dream of Carl Stryg, a former ballet dancer and opera singer. Carl developed the first recipes and made these cookies using a very hands-on approach which always maintained the highest quality of every aspect of the cookies.
The business grew under the care of Carl and his husband Will, who worked together to build Coach House over many years. Carl passed away suddenly in 2014 leaving Will to carry on the business in the spirit of Coach House; with a focus on quality, excellent ingredients, and beautiful packaging. Our customers love the taste of our cookies, the fact that the ingredients are top-quality and local wherever possible, and the fact that we package them exquisitely for gift-giving. Even after 32 years we don’t make our cookies on a commercial scale. They are only available at shows, online and through customer orders. They are truly artisanal cookies from start to finish.