We are often asked about serving suggestions for Coach House Shortbread. Here are a few:

Smoked Trout Canapés

These are a fantastic appetizer or canapé for your party – they make a real statement and are extremely easy.

Two packages of Coach House Shortbread Gorgonzola & Pistachio Shortbread
Cream Cheese (block, not spreadable)
sour cream
smoked trout

Use only the best smoked trout as the flavour will come through. Amounts are up to you, depending on your taste. I use about 1 package of cream cheese to one smoked trout fillet and about 350 ml of sour cream, but if you want to be more extravagant, by all means add more of the trout. 

Put ingredients in bowl of food processor (or blender) and pulse until well mixed, but you can still see small flakes of fish in the mix. Put into a piping bag with a very wide tip and pipe a dollop on each biscuit, garnish with a small sprig of dill or a pea sprout, and serve immediately. If you want to make it ahead of time, simply put the mixture into a piping bag and refrigerate for up to 4 – 6 hours. Leave out on the counter for 15 to 20 minutes before piping.


Lox or Soked Salmon Canapés
Very pretty, delicious and easy

Coach House Shortbread Stilton & Rosemary Shortbread
crème fraiche
smoked salmon or lox
capers for decoration

Cut the salmon into strips about 1 cm wide by 3 cm long. Put a small dollop of crème fraiche on each biscuit then a strip of salmon twisted, and top with a caper (or a small sprig of chive).


Wine Jelly Canapés
These are the most requested appetizer on our menu! I get so many compliments even though it’s just combining two already made ingredients. Here are two variations; I serve them side by side, and they look great on a plate together because of the contrasting colour combinations.

Variation 1: Coach House Shortbread Spicy Asiago & Garlic Shortbread
Tracy’s Wine Jellies   Ice Wine Jelly

Variation 2: Coach House Shortbread Chocolate & Fleur de Sel  Shortbread
Tracy’s Wine Jellies Port Wine Jelly

Ensure that the wine jelly is well refrigerated before you start as it’s easier to handle this way.

Just put a dollop of the wine jelly on each biscuit and serve – the taste combination is amazing!


Quick and Easy Ideas

Coach House Shortbread Co.’s Cheddar & Chipotle goes well with a bowl of chili (con queso, con carne or con frijoles), just put a couple of biscuits alongside a steaming bowl of your favourite chili (homemade for guests). It’s a great party food when you have a lot of people over.

Coach House Shortbread Co.’s Spicy Asiago & Garlic is just great crumbled over your favourite salad, adding a piquant flavour to just about any greens. Caesar, spinach, or mesclun mix, you can’t go wrong and your guests will wonder what the wonderful flavour is.

Serve Coach House Shortbread Co.’s Stilton and Rosemary with wine, or, for the gang watching the game, consider how great they’d taste with a hearty ale or stout. Guinness, Smithwicks, Bass or Newcastle Brown, it’s a great taste combination.

Instead off Olives with your favourite Martini (our favourite is a Vodka Martini, very dirty) leave out the olives, and serve with two Gorgonzola & Pistachio biscuits... you won't believe how good this is until you've tried it.